In Stranger Things Season 2, we hardly get a cute, romantical minute between Mike and ‘Eleven’ until Dustin comes in to inform them Lucas has given them the warning that poor guys are coming to get them. In an exceptionally awesome sequence involving bicycles and flying automobiles, the boys escape ‘Eleven’ on the bike and, finally, seek refuge in an abandoned junkyard. Meanwhile, Mike’s parents are essentially under house arrest from the Hawkins’ laboratory as they search the house for any indication that the boys harbored “Eleven’ within the area. Naturally, Mike’s mother is the more observant and smart one in the relationship and understands that something shady is going on. But that does not stop Dr. Brenner from coming in and procuring answers from her.

What I failed to mention in the previous recap was that Jonathan did me and Nancy a ceremony and beat the living crap out of Steve. But he screwed up and hit a cop that got him arrested. Oops. He’s kept at the police station following the cops find the hunting supplies he and Nancy bought, but he’s let go after describing to Hopper and his mom everything he and Nancy knew about the monster. This confirms to Hopper and Joyce there is, in actuality, something rotten going on in Hawkins (like they did not already know that.) Hopper’s suspicions surrounding ‘Eleven’ grow after he’s got to take care of a bully’s irate mother after the bully struck ‘Eleven’.

Using a walkie-talkie, they have the ability to make it through to the boys to ascertain their location. They almost have a close call when a few of the government laboratory people arrive in the junkyard and start trying to find the boys. As one of them is going to start up the bus holding the children, Hopper swoops in to save the day. First, the entire group goes to Joyce’s house to exchange data to be able to find out the best way to find Can using ‘Eleven’ and her skills. They realize, after ‘Eleven’ informs them of the tub, they have to construct a sensory deprivation tank, which is no small accomplishment.

Conveniently enough, they have all of the elements they need so as to build one. After Dustin interrupts his science teacher’s film date (nice The Item cameo) and receives all of the information they want, the team heads into the middle school to begin hunting down supplies. There’s a whole lot of salt and a great deal of water. Considering that winter is allegedly coming and schools have a reputation for not being heated when closed down for the afternoon, all I could think of was how cold ‘Eleven’ was likely to be as she got into the pool with this thin dress on.

That is where things get wiggy. She finds Barb and affirms what we already imagined. Joyce conveniences ‘Eleven’ when she starts freaking out over Barb’s passing, easing her anxieties so that ‘Eleven’ can concentrate on finding Will. ‘Eleven’ finds Will living from the ‘Upside Down’ version of Castle Byers and re-assures him that he is going to be fine and that his mom will find him. He begs them to rush.

But they are quickly arrested within moments of breaking into the area. Meanwhile, when Nancy and Jonathan are assumed to be watching the gang of children, they chose to return to Joyce’s house and prepare to lure out the monster so as to destroy it before it destroys Will.¬†Overall, I felt that this episode of watch stranger things season 2 didn’t allow us a moment’s rest. You never knew when the ending was going to be up for the figures and, leaving off with that cliffhanger, immediately made me begin the last stranger things season 2 episode. Good going.

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